MMDFs for the ECMWF-IFS global forecast model for various Polar sites

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Merged model Data Files (MMDFs) for the operational forecasts with the IFS high resolution deterministic forecasts are available for the period starting Jan 2018. MMDFs is provided at the model timestep (7.5 min) for a single model grid point closest to the observatory. In addition to the grid point data a number of parameters (including albedo, surface temperature and surface energy fluxes) are provided on the land-surface model tiles to enable detailed evaluation of processes even at heterogeneous sites. A complete description for the two versions of the IFS can be found here:

Citation info

Day, J. (2023). MMDFs for the ECMWF-IFS global forecast model for various Polar sites. Norwegian Meteorological Institute.

Data Access

Role: Investigator
Name: Jonathan Day
Institution: European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF)

Role: Data center contact
Name: ADC support
Institution: Norwegian Meteorological Institute / Arctic Data Centre

Time Extent
Defines the temporal extent or coverage of the dataset. Time is expressed in UTC. For collections the end date is empty.
Geographical Extent
Geographical location is expressed with decimal numbers with positive axis Northwards and zero at the Equator (for north and south), and decimal numbers with positive axis Eastwards and zero at the Greenwich meridian (for east and west).