Information for data providers

The Arctic Data Centre (ADC) is working towards a distributed data management framework, in line with the activities of the combined SAON/IASC Arctic Data Committee. In order to publish your data in ADC, some background information is provided in this page. Further information will provided in sub pages.

On a general basis the process has the following steps:

  1. Produce your data
    1. Document your data
    2. Do it right from the beginning
  2. Share your data
    1. Make it available through application servers offering interoperability interfaces (e.g. THREDDS)
    2. Update documentation
  3. Ingest metadata in the catalog

The fast lane

  1. Document and format your data using NetCDF following the CF convention and using ACDD for discovery elements (links below).
    1. Remember to add GCMD Science keywords (online resource further down) for the keywords attribute.
  2. Contact ( to initiate the process of publishing data

Future plans

  • Release of new human frontend and metadata harvesting backend.
  • Enable support for PIDs/DOIs
  • Upload and configuration service for THREDDS