ADC services

Documentation of data

  1. Automatic extraction of discovery metadata from NetCDF/CF files adhering to the Attribute Convention for Data Discovery using ncdigest
  2. A metadata editor providing information in MMD format.
    1. This is currently only available inhouse, but will be integrated in the next portal solution to be deployed within 2017.

Hosting of data

  1. Primarily for activities within the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, but relevant dataset from other data owners may also be handled following a request.
  2. Data hosted should as a general rule be shared with all users of ADC, although exceptions may be discussed.
  3. When data are hosted on disk, the purpose is to make them available to users using standardised metadata and data exchange protocols.
  4. Data should preferably be in NetCDF following the Climate and Forecast Convention v 1.6 or higher.
  5. Data should preferably have discovery metadata embedded following the Attribute Conventions  Dataset Disovery.
  6. Data can be hosted on NIRD (NorStore) and made available through ADC.

Sharing of data

  1. Data are made available through a THREDDS Data Server if hosted locally.
  2. Data can be hosted elsewhere and made searchable in the catalogue provided correct discovery metadata are available.
    1. Accepted formats are
      1. MMD
      2. GCMD DIF
      3. ISO19115 using GCMD Science Keywords for descriptions of parameters and OSGEO keywords for URLs.
      4. If data contains ACDD (see above), discovery metadata can be extracted automatically from data served through THREDDS catalogues in a THREDDS dataserver. The HYRAX implementation of THREDDS catalogues is yet not supported.
      5. Work
    2. Metadata can be harvested from other catalogues if in the formats above and served through OAI-PMH or OGC CSW. Work is in progress to support other mechanisms.
    3. The preferred interfaces to data (where most functionality can be provided) are
      1. OPeNDAP
      2. OGC WMS

Searchable catalogue

  1. Human and machine (implemented using pyCSW) interfaces. See here for details.