Meteorological observations in tall masts for the Coastal Highway E39 project in Mid-Norway

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This is a collection of high-frequency observations of wind speed and wind directions in several tall masts for the Coastal Highway E39 bridge project in Mid-Norway. The masts are 50-100 m high and located in complex terrain near the shoreline in Halsafjorden, Julsundet and Storfjorden in the Møre og Romsdal county of Norway. Observations of the three-dimensional wind vector are done at 2-4 levels in each mast, with a temporal frequency of 10 Hz. Both 10-minute mean of filtered 10 Hz (raw) data as well as the filtered 10 Hz recordings are provided. The dataset is corroborated with observed profiles of temperature at two masts, as well as precipitation, atmospheric pressure, relative humidity and dew point at one site. The first masts were erected in 2014 and the campaign will continue to at least 2024. The dataset is publicly available.

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Birgitte R. Furevik, Hálfdán Ágústsson, Anette Lauen Borg, Finn Nyhammer, The E39 coastal highway observational dataset – atmospheric flow in complex coastal terrain in Mid-Norway, (2019) published by Norwegian Meteorological Institute.

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Role: Investigator

Name: Magne Gausen


Institution: The Norwegian Public Roads Administration

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